Honeywell Commercial Air Products

Why Honeywell?

  • Honeywell Commercial Air Products has led the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) field since 1959.
  • We have a growing line of products that offer superior design, optimal performance and simple installation and maintenance.
  • We continually enhance existing products.
  • With the advent of smoking legislation, we have increase our efforts to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers alike.
  • We have demonstrated our continuing success in smoking markets, such as bowling centers, bingo halls, restaurants and bars.
  • Our continuing success has been displayed in non-smoking markets, such as print shops, day care  centers and schools.

       Benefits of Honeywell Commercial Air Cleaners:

  • No need to retrofit HVAC systems for high high efficiency air cleaning of particles and gas/odor/VICs.
  • Reduce demands on HVAC systems extending life and reducing repairs.
  • Operates independent o HVAC system.
  • Steady-state air changes per hour, does not cycle with HVAC systems.
  • Reduces BTU loads associated with larger amounts of outside air.
  • Coanda air-flow patterns maximize ventilation effectiveness.
  • Lowers initial cost of ventilation system for building owners.
  • Lowers on-going energy costs, repairs and maintenance for building owners and tenants.
  • Can be used for new construction projects or retrofit applications.