Dimensions: 46-1/2" Long x 19-5/16" Wide x 21" High
Weight:  150 Ibs.
CFM:  600-1,500 CFM
Motor:  1/2 Horse Power
Amps:  7 amps
Mounting Method:  Concealed 


Businesses and establishments with high aesthetic standards benefit from the subtleness of the LS and FS smoke eaters. Because these units are installed above the ceiling, they are virtually out of sight aside from their discrete return grills. LS smoke eaters are better suited for larger environments as they weigh 48 lbs more than FS models, are about 7 inches taller, and offer an airflow of 660 to 1500 CFM.
When compared to other large capacity air cleaners, the LS operates more softly and can be ducted to multiple rooms without any change in noise level. Since these units are concealed they are very flexible in accommodating any size or space configuration. To learn more, or to get started on a free quote, call us at (863) 421-4000 or email 


  • Contaminated air is drawn into FS Smokeeter systems through waffle-shaped inlet grills or Return Air Assemblies (located in two separate areas).
  • The air then flows through Aluminized Flexible Ductwork and is directed to the smoke eater through a Wye Connection.
  • Once inside of the smoke eater, pollutants are removed from the air stream through an aluminum mesh filter which removes larger particles.
  • The cleaned air is sent through ductwork and another Wye Connection and is then discharged into different locations through louvered outlet grills, or Supply Air Assemblies.
  • An activated carbon after-filter aids in controlling odor.

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