Dimensions: 46-5/8" Long x 20-5/8" Wide x 14-1/4" High
Weight:  102 Ibs.
CFM:  440-900 CFM
Motor:  1/4 Horse Power
Amps:  6 amps
Mounting Method:  Concealed


Smokeeter FS commercial air cleaners are installed above the ceiling making them visually discreet and ideal for businesses and environments where aesthetics are a top priority. Not only are they great for bars, restaurants, and casinos, they are highly effective in non-smoking settings such as hospitals, offices, and schools.
FS smoke eaters operate more silently than other large-capacity air cleaners and can be ducted to multiple rooms because they are concealed. The FS offers airflow ranges from 440 to 1500 CFM and can come complete with supply grilles, return grills, flexible ductwork, a wall-mounted remote switch, and more. Carbon modules are available as separate units. They are half as long and are designed with the same configuration as the FS to ensure the highest quality of odor control and air pattern. 


  • Contaminated air is drawn into FS Smokeeter systems through waffle-shaped inlet grills or Return Air Assemblies (located in two separate areas).
  • The air then flows through Aluminized Flexible Ductwork and is directed to the smoke eater through a Wye Connection.
  • Once inside of the smoke eater, pollutants are removed from the air stream through an aluminum mesh filter which removes larger particles.
  • The cleaned air is sent through ductwork and another Wye Connection and is then discharged into different locations through louvered outlet grills, or Supply Air Assemblies.
  • An activated carbon after-filter aids in controlling odor.

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