The Only Clinically Proven, Medical Grade Air Purifier

Will breathing clean air really make that big a difference to how you feel?  The only way you will ever know for sure is by using an Austin Air cleaner.  To that end we offer a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Trust Us When We Say It Is Austin Air... For Life.

 At Austin Air Systems, our on-going research has kept us in close communication with respiratory experts and the medical community. We are frequently learning of new ways to help more diverse groups of people.  

  • We are an American company located in Buffalo, New York.

  • Austin Air is the only manufacturer to successfully reduce asthma attacks and respiratory problems in a clinical trial conducted by the medical community and recognized hospitals.

  • Johns Hopkins University have chosen our medical grade air purifiers to conduct multiple clinical trials.

  • Austin Air was selected by the Federal Government to provide the emergency air purifiers to the citizens of Anniston, Alabama during the destruction of chemical weapons.